The biggest social event ever organised by FOTA and the Salon Varietes theatre in Fuengirola – THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT – took place on Saturday, 13 June, at the Auditorium in Mijas Pueblo.

The Concert – brainchild of Val Williams, President of Friends of the Theatre Association (FOTA), ably assisted by the FOTA Board, was months in the planning. A glossy magazine about the past 30 years of FOTA and the theatre was launched at the beginning of April, to great interest from the local media and FOTA members. A grand raffle was organised, for which some wonderful prizes were donated; all raffle proceeds (expected to be around 2,000 euros) will be given to CUDECA – the charity which runs the cancer hospice in Benalmadena and has done so much to help cancer sufferers and their families on the Costa del Sol over the years.

The concert, directed and produced by Johnny G, a well-known showman on the Costa, was a huge success and all 900 tickets were sold out. A cast of over 80 singers and dancers took part in the three-hour concert and all performed to an extremely high standard. Such was the variety and quality of the entertainment that the three hours seemed to pass in no time.

Mijas Ayuntamiento kindly permitted FOTA to stage the Concert in the open-air Auditorium free of charge and it was indeed a magnificent location, at the far end of Mijas Pueblo, surrounded by trees and mountains. The accoustics were excellent, the chairs were comfortable – more so than I had expected (I took a cushion with me but didn’t need to use it!), the weather was kind – things couldn’t have been better.

All in all, it was a superb evening and everyone I spoke to about it afterwards thoroughly enjoyed it. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 30 years for the next Concert!


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