Went to the Tourist Office in Mijas Pueblo today in the hope of getting a seat on the free coach trip (courtesy of the powers-that-be in Malaga) to the caminito del Rey. No such luck! All 150 tickets have gone and they don’t know when the next free trip will be available. Ho hum! Could go privately, of course, but it all seems rather difficult to get there, eg the entrance near El Chollo train station is closed; if you go to the entrance near Alora the last 20 minutes of the drive there is along a narrow road which can only take one car at a time and there aren’t many (?any) passing/turning points. Think I’ll leave it until I can find smeone to go with!

Wanted to have lunch after visiting the tourist office but the pueblo was chocca with visitors, most of whom seemed to be Chinese or Japanese, and we couldn’t get a table anywhere that we fancied, so eventually abandoned the idea and went home for lunch.

A disappointing day altogether! But at least the sun is shining.



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