Never used WordPress before so this is all very new for me. There are a few new things in my life at the moment: have just moved from Marbella to Fuengirola; have just moved into an apartment, after living in a big house for several years; have just decided that it is time to take my writing more seriously and do some every day – not just on the rare occasions when an idea occurs to me.

I intend to write about Fuengirola in this blog (obvious from the name, really!) as it is full of interesting characters and places and now that I’m living here I should have plenty of time and opportunity to search them out.

So, watch this space.


2 thoughts on “HOLA

  1. Mary Barrett Reilly says:

    Hi Val, hope your settling in and getting to enjoy Fuengerolo. Love your idea of writing a blog about living there, will follow you on your adventures, best of luck
    Mary & Terry in Ireland


    • Hi Mary, Yes, we’re quite settled in Fuengirola now. Have you and Terry settled back in Ireland now? Going to Tim’s tomorrow for the last time before the summer break + then to El Kapitan (which has now changed hands + is an Italian restaurent). Will write you an email soon – when I have some news!

      Bye for now


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